Monday, August 5, 2013

The FoodFUNd- Helping Friends Eat!

Working at Equinox you come across some pretty cool people who are changing lives, and most of the folks are right here in house. 

Mike Lyon is a one of our Membership Advisors, and also a partner in The FoodFUNd project here in Boston, MA. 

Mike is a fabulous co-worker, and extremely pumped about this project, and now you will be too.

The FoodFUNd has a very clear mission; to raise awareness and alleviate food insecurity. In teaming up with The Greater Boston Food Bank, they have created a place for you to donate $ AND non-perishables that will help provide a particular amount of meals to families in need. 

Did you know that $25.00 = 75 meals? I certainly did not. 

"In the United States, according to the USDA, 27 percent of all the food produced each year is lost at the retail, consumer, and food service levels. That's nearly 1.5 tons of food per year for every man, woman, and child in the United States who faces hunger. To put it another way, in the U.S. we throw away about 263 million pounds of food a day... every single day! And much of what is wasted actually is just surplus food. It is perfectly edible. And that doesn't even count the food left in the fields or discarded before delivery." -

When you think of how much food you throw out per week, how many leftovers from the restaurant get tossed, how many pieces of produce could have been salvaged and all the money $$$$$$ we waste...

"According to a report last August by the National Resources Defense Council, the average American tosses about 25 percent of food and beverages purchased. For a family of four, the money wasted could total from $1,365 to $2,275. Food spending as a percentage of the overall budget has decreased dramatically over the last few decades, but it’s still the third-largest expense for a household." How Much Food Does the Average American Waste? - My Money ( via @usnews

I am probably wasting anywhere from $100-300 a month. If I plan better and buy less, I can donate $25 for 75 meals. 
And you should to: DONATE HERE

Maybe you are scraping some pennies together. It happens. We've all been there. But on your next trip to the supermarket think about picking up a few extra of the items below and donating them any time between August 5-19th...and check out this article on how to shop more effectively. (wink)

West End House at 105 Allston Street Allston MA
Boston Balans at 364 Boylston Street Boston MA 02116
Equinox Franklin Street at 225 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02110
Grand Circle Travel at 347 Congress Street Boston MA 02210
The Atelier at 505 Tremont Street Boston MA 02116
28 Exeter at Newbury at 28 Exeter Street Boston MA 02116
Falconi Companies at 4 Franklin Street in Milton MA
Office to Octagon at 791 Tremont Street Boston MA
US Pavement Services at 39 Industrial Pkwy, Woburn, MA 01801
Sullivan Training Systems at 65 Mathewson Dr, Weymouth, MA 02189

Personal Collection (Please contact for specifics)
K Street & 8th Street in South Boston, Ma
Plum Island, MA
Reading, MA

Want to be shocked as to just how bad being truly hungry is? Get informed: HERE

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